About Dubai Islands

Dubai Islands is a mixed-use waterfront development in Dubai. It is a cluster of five islands spanning an area of 17 square meters. km. The five islands are named Navy Island, Central Island, Shore Island, Golf Island, and Elite Island.

The project was previously known as Deira Islands but was rebranded as Dubai Islands in August 2022. It is in line with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. This plan provides a comprehensive roadmap for the city’s upcoming developments over the next 19 years, emphasizing sustainable development. Dubai Island is one of the multi-billion man-made islands in Dubai. Once completed, this destination will have wellness resorts, eco-friendly and luxurious hotels, and a renowned shopping destination, Souk Al Marfa. The developers aim to increase the duration of beaches and areas dedicated to public parks.

The area is directly accessible from the mainland via highway and sea. Visitors will have access to a highly interconnected system of marina promenades and paths for both water and road transportation, as well as walking and cycling. Dubai Islands mainly targets tourists and those looking for a new getaway spot in Dubai. Once completed, it will be a complete vacation destination with premium residential options. The cluster of four Dubai Islands was originally named Palm Deira. Later, Nakheel re-engineered the plan and launched Deira Island in October 2008 with the mainland featuring a host of luxury properties, hotels, and restaurants. Dubai.